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Top UK & Destination fine art Wedding Photographer : London, cotswolds, UK, Europe, Italy, France, Greece, Mallorca, Spain


Photography is my ode to Femininity.

To timeless editorials, to life's perfect imperfections and to the tiniest and most breathtaking of moments.

 My assignments have taken me far and wide in this world and allowed me to capture some of my clients' most precious, intimate and defining moments, from luxury wedding celebrations in the UK and internationally to private events and editorial campaigns worldwide.

My philosophy is to not to disturb the beauty that is right in front of us in favour of what we think should be there. My images don't adopt the airbrushed quality one sees in artificially lit shoots, but instead exude a painterly glow and ethereal quality. I use luminous, natural light sources and neutral, complementary tones to capture unforced, undone moments. Never forced and never artificial.




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