My Ethos

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adopt a label. To be ‘something’. But now I realise I don’t need to choose between my greatest loves, or that by choosing to pick up my camera I am neglecting my painting, any other of my creative pursuits. The arts co-exist beautifully, you see.  they intermingle, influence and intertwine to create something unique. 


What Does It Mean To Live Authentically; To Thrive Creatively?

This much I know: a beautiful life begins with a beautiful mind; and a beautiful mind comes from inner peace, wisdom and being true to who we are. So often, creativity is pigeon-holed; boxed up and presented in such a perfect, pristine way - don't you think?


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But the creativity I believe in is..

more truthful and allows much greater freedom than that. It carries colour, light and movement. It reflects our emotions. It deepens our minds and opens our hearts. It is imperfect; but those very imperfections make it wondrous, breathtaking even.

I am happiest when in my artistic flow. 

 I am a firm believer in creative freedom - and that means embracing my eclecticism rather than conforming to what others may have expected of me.


Beautiful Living Doesn't Mean Imitating What Others Tell Us Is Perfect; 

it is a state of mind. It is casting off doubt and fear and instead opening our eyes to the endless possibilities this life has to offer.  Joy. Adventure. Boldness. Uniqueness. 

Likewise, I Have Learnt That Style Isn't Contrived Or Perfect. 

Instead, it is what exists when things are beautifully undone.  When we stop trying so hard and step back to observe the magic we can create from being who we are.