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Top UK & Destination fine art Wedding Photographer : London, cotswolds, UK, Europe, Italy, France, Greece, Mallorca, Spain


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I have been a professional artist for well over a decade. I specialise in two principle media: film photography and oil paintings. : my ode to colour, empowerment and earthy femininity.

Here, you'll find links to my photography work and to my paintings. For both, I take on commissions worldwide. I also sell my original oil paintings and designs via the link to my online shop.

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From the Blog:

I relish the graininess and luminosity of shooting on film; nothing else quite captures light and tone. And the majority of my paintings are dramatic, large and vibrant statement pieces: my ode to colour, empowerment and earthy femininity.

I've long believed that the arts can co-exist comfortably; beautifully, even. Mine certainly do. They intermingle, intertwine and influence one another to create something unique.

I've always sought to shake off labels and artistic divisions and, instead, to create something inspired by nature and womanhood and the fundamental changes both encounter.



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