Steve jobs once said: “You can’t look at the competition and say you’re going to do it better. You have to look at the competition and say you’re going to do it differently.” 

That philosophy sits at the very heart of what I do;

and I don’t follow the crowd. I am an artistic evangelist and endeavour to bring my greatest loves and my creative diversity into my fine art photography work with the aim not only of doing it brilliantly, but doing it differently.

I specialise in  film photography because of its luminous, dreamy quality and the unmatchable softness and timelessness it can bring to an image. To me, fine art photography is a craft that allows me to immortalise the most subtle of moments to create something breathtaking. Simple. Natural. Magical. Unique. Never forced. And never artificial.

" The only way to do great work is to love what you do ... " 

I find that, only too often, traditional wedding photography is staid and lifeless...

It doesn’t evolve with emerging trends in wedding styling; certainly not as much as it should. The wonder of fine art photography is in the detail – the light, the textures, the gestures, the colours, a glance, a flicker, the curve of a beautiful dress, a wisp of hair in the wind. I wouldn't want to miss all that for sake of remaining conventional.

My inspiration is wondrous and varied; and it changes constantly. Before picking up a camera, I studied fine art and then drama and have worked as an actress; all whilst indulging my creative genes in a vast home studio, making enormous oil paintings. This creative collision has enhanced my photography work and has helped bring me here to this point: doing what I love and embracing my eclecticism. 

Away from the camera, I am an eclectic soul. I love to paint large canvases in oils and mixed media, heavily inspired by the colours of my travel photography,  I love singing, my wonderful dogs, interiors, gorgeous light, fresh air, spending time with friends over good food, feeling the warmth of sunshine and the sense of escapism and adventure that travelling brings.

I am delighted that you have stopped by to view my work. Whether it be your beautiful wedding story or a bespoke commission of editorial or lifestyle photography, I have travelled extensively for my work and am available for commissions all over Europe and the UK.

You can see my work in Magazines and blogs such as Style me pretty, Magnolia Rouge Magazine, You and Your Wedding , Wedding Sparrow and many more...  



“Katie is a total gem and I believe one of the most inspiring wedding photographers out there today. I feel so fortunate to have secured her for our big day!”- Beth Reacher –Founder of